Ty Segall’s GØGGS announce debut album

Stream 'Glendale Junkyard' now.
Remember Sensible Soccer? Maybe you’re too young, but basically it was a football game that was both brilliant, and not licensed to use the real name of players. So Ryan Giggs, Welsh wing wizard, was Raan Goggs.

Anyway, Ty Segall’s outfit GØGGS have absolutely nothing to do with retro video games. Featuring his Fuzz bandmate Charles Moothart and fronted by Ex-Cult’s Chris Shaw, chances are they’ve never even heard of it. But it’s nice to remember things.

Back on track, the afore mentioned GØGGS are dropping a self-titled debut album – because Segall doesn’t release enough, obviously. Featuring first single ‘She Got Harder’, which was released this year, it also includes new track ‘Glendale Junkyard’. You can check that out below.

Tuny Edams would love it.

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