Ultimate Painting have a new video for ‘Monday Morning, Something Central’

The latest track to be taken from recent album ‘Dusk’
Travelling backwards across London has never looked as good as it does in the new video from Ultimate Painting.

The soothing refrains of ‘Monday Morning, Something Central’ well and truly finds its home here, sitting as the next cut from the duo’s recent album ‘Dusk’

Speaking about the track, co-frontman Jack Cooper said:

“It’s a song about fading friendships and trying to look back on them optimistically. The vast majority of relationships we form with people eventually dwindle, but I’ve never really looked on that as being particularly sad. It may seem nihilistic or cold but I’ve found looking back on friendships and thinking about the good parts makes the ebb and flow of life a little easier. I’ve had friends who’ve meant everything to me at one point in my life, but then you naturally grow apart as your interests, point of view and circumstances change. There are also ones that transcend all of that, but it doesn’t mean the ones that have faded are necessarily less meaningful. Maybe it’s just a way of processing loss? I’m still figuring that out.”

You can check it all out below, it’s a lovely moment of bliss that’s for sure,

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