Upsahl has announced a new project ‘The PHX Tapes’, and dropped two new tracks

Check out 'Good Girl Era' and 'Condoms' now.

Upsahl has unveiled a new project, ‘The PHX Tapes’, a homage to the mixtapes of the 90s, and shared the first two songs, ‘Good Girl Era’ and ‘Condoms’.

Described as ‘Volume One’, the project sees the tracks labelled SIDE A and SIDE B, with a video for the former available to watch.

In a post on Instagram, Upsahl discussed the project, saying: “I had been writing so many songs since the beginning of the year and started sharing them with friends the way I shared music when I was a kid growing up in Phoenix. Sort of like how mixtapes used to be passed around. This release is different from my past releases because there was no specific purpose during my writing process. I feel so free in making music right now, and everything I’m creating feels like an experiment. There are no boundaries, no genres, no lines that I am too scared to cross.”

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