VANT are playing around London in order to like, fix politics and stuff

#DontDoABrexit, kids.
VANT have ‘The Answer’ to everything, so they’re taking it upon themselves to fix politics. All of it. All politics. Just VANT. Not a problem.

The band are currently (as in RIGHT NOW) rattling around London performing, which will “encourage the idea of bringing important conversations back into the real world,” apparently.

“Algorithms are stopping debate,” they explain in a Facebook post (yes, irony, etc – Ed). “We’re in a digital world where unexplainable things are happening because we only see what we want to see. The EU Referendum is an example of this. The majority of us only saw our side of the argument and for 49% of us this culminated in a strangely unexpected result which completely contradicted our news feeds. Rational decision making no longer applies to reality. Will this conundrum apply to the outcome of the US presidential campaign?”

“We will be playing all over London on Tuesday 8th November to coincide with the US Election. Keep checking for updates during the day to catch a performance somewhere near you!“

The band are using the Really Quite Something hashtag #DontDoABrexit to keep fans updated with what’s going on. Tell your Mum to stay indoors, just in case.

What a band.

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