Vistas have announced a brand new album, ‘Is This All We Are?’

The album is due in September.

Vistas have announced a brand new album, ‘Is This All We Are?’.

The Scottish trio’s third full-length, it’s set for release on 15th September and follows on from their recent ‘The Beautiful Nothing’ EP. They’ve also shared the record’s title-track.

Frontman Prentice Robertson says: “During the writing of both the EP and album one of my family members became very ill and this became all encompassing in mine and my families’ lives. This led to many conversations about the fragility and meaning of someone’s life and where they go and what they leave behind after they are gone. As these subjects were so dominating in my thoughts, they became the central theme of the album. I think the title sums up these themes as a whole by asking ‘is this all we are?’.”

“In our previous records I feel like the subjects of the songs were a bit more broad and with this record I tired to make things more specific,” he adds. “There are tracks about why people can be cruel, tracks about losing someone, tracks about how unfair life can be and tracks that question what the meaning of our time on earth is.”

Check out the new single below.

The album’s full tracklisting reads:

  1. ‘Cruel Hearts’
  2. ‘Bad Idea’
  3. ‘Dopamine’
  4. ‘Nowadays’
  5. ‘Last Together’
  6. ‘Is This All We Are?’
  7. ‘I Know I Know’
  8. ‘Sleeping With The Light On’
  9. ‘The Garden’
  10. ‘A Hit Of Heaven’
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