Vote Labour, and The 1975’s Matty Healy might show you his, ahem, ‘platform’

He loves it when you vote.
If you go vote for Labour today, Matty from The 1975 will send you naughty pictures.

OK, so he probably won’t, but he tweeted it and, y’know, some people would probably be interested in his, erm, content.

As the UK heads to the polls for today’s (8th June) election, all kinds of musicians are trying to get their fans to vote. And yes, basically every single one of your favourites wants you to vote the same way. Spoiler: it’s not for the fucking Tories.

Still, our Matty has his own way of inspiring the masses. “Vote Labour,” he writes. “I don’t know how to use my ‘platform’ in order to incentivise democracy. But vote Labour and I’ll send nudes if that works.”

Platform is an interesting euphemism, eh?

Last night, Matty seemed to confirm there’d be an album from The 1975’s pre-fame incarnation Drive Like I Do coming once they’d finished with their forthcoming third album ‘Music For Cars’. Catch up on that excitement here.

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