Wait, are we getting new The 1975 in a matter of days?

We like it when you hype, for we are so buzzed and so aware of it
Regular readers will understand we’re a little bit excited about the return of The 1975.

We’ve been fed bits of info about the much anticipated ‘Music For Cars’ for months now. The follow up to ‘I Like It When You Sleep…’ is expected to arrive pretty damn soon. Maybe very soon indeed.

One of the primary sources of ’75 hype has been the band’s manager, Jamie Oborne. He’s hinted at live news, recording updates, the lot.

And this morning, he’s at it again.

A fan of the band tweeted “the iliwys era is still here”, to which Oborne replied “Yes for a few more days”.

Days. Not weeks. Not months. Days. Which means what comes next is only days away from arriving, right?

Check out the tweet below.


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