Wait, have The Guardian just told us the release date for The 1975’s ‘Music For Cars’?

Or could it be for something else entirely?
Facts are a strange currency. These days, they’re less solid points, and more contentious truths to be twisted and debated, depending on your sociopolitical outlook. Or something.

But then some things are release dates for huge albums that we’re super excited about. And sometimes, those dates are written on the website of a major national newspaper. And yes, they may actually not be facts at all, but they’re still enough to get us excited – just in case.

So, to cut a long story short – The Guardian, in a preview for music in 2018, seem to be suggesting we’ll be getting The 1975’s ‘Music For Cars’ on April 27th. It’s a New Music Friday, we’ve checked. It technically could be correct.


Some fans are suggesting it could also be the release date for the ‘What A Shame’ EP frontman Matty Healy promised. The truth is, we’ve not the foggiest.

It’s a few months earlier than when we were expecting to receive our most anticipated record of 2018 (“1st June – The 1975” – Ed), but hey – you never know, right? After all, facts are debatable now.

An eagle eyed reader, Findlay Anderson, has been in touch with the Dork bunker to point out a possible reason for the 27th April release date on The Guardian’s article.

“A couple of days ago,” he explains, “I was preparing a list of albums to look forward to in 2018 for my blog, one of them obviously being The 1975. I used the usually reliable Album of the Year website, and it was here where I found an apparent release date for Music For Cars.

The website also lists April 27th 2018 as the release date. I don’t know when this was edited, but the editor was “Justinzimmer868″. My theory is that The Guardian found this page and took the release date from there.”

Let’s be blunt, we’d say it’s highly likely that’s exactly what’s happened. Or – if you like to keep the drama alive – perhaps this is just the start of more info about one of 2018’s biggest albums leaking out. Keep your eyes open for more.

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