Wait, is this Paramore registering an album’s worth of tracks we see right here?

Please Say Yes, Please Say Yes, Please Say - you get the idea, we’re excited
What’s that we see storming over the horizon? Yeah, that’s the Paramore Express, rolling into town with the sort of unstoppable power that’ll have everyone flat on their arse by lunchtime. And it’s well and truly on the way now, with eagle-eyed fans spotting that the band have just registered a string of new track names.

It was spotted on the ASCAP Ace Repertory, a database that lists tracks and compositions from artists – and where twelve tracks can now be seen, all tied nicely to Camp Paramore. Titles include the likes of ‘Caught In The Middle’, ‘Fake Happy’ and ‘Tell Me How’ – with recently returned drummer Zac Farro getting in on the songwriting nods, credited on ‘Rose Colored Boy’, ‘Pool’ and ‘Grudges’.

If this means what we think it means, then Paramore’s new album is getting ever so close, and we may have just got our first look at how it’s all shaping up.

Until then, we’re waiting with our stuff packed at the door – we’re jumping onboard from the moment the Express leaves the depot.

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