Want to buy a complete Radiohead songbook? Of course you do!

There's one on the way, and it'll be available from 27th November
“I want to be in a band, when I get to heaven/Anyone can play guitar and they won’t be a nothing anymore”, sang Thom Yorke on what’s still one of Radiohead’s very best songs. (Yes it is.)

And, as if to prove that literally anyone can recreate every note, chord and glitchy beat of their entire back catalogue, Radiohead have given their seal of approval to a colossal compendium of over 160 (that’s one hundred and sixty) songs – pretty much everything they’ve ever released – across 400 pages, all with lyrics and those little pictures which show you where to put your fingers. Thanks, Radiohead!

Released on 27th November, it’s packed with artwork by Stanley Donwood, part of the Radiohead family since 1994, and arrives ideally timed for the festive season and the traditional Christmas Day family singalong.

So if your Auntie Flo does a mean ‘Faust Arp’, or your cousin a note-perfect ‘Exit Music (For A Film)’, then count yourself ‘Lucky’. (Stop this now – Ed)

You can find more information and a pre-order link here.