Wargasm serve up an in-your-face new one with ‘Spit’

It’s another thunderbolt of a track, from a band set on taking over the world

Hey. Ready? Great, because Wargasm have laid out their intentions plain as day with their furious new track ‘Spit’

Packed with heavyweight riffs and an unstoppable knack for tearing down the walls and painting them in the exact way they want to, it’s a blistering kick of ambition from Wargasm

Speaking about the track, the band say: “When we wrote ‘Spit.’ it was about the disgust we felt with how people treat each other and the disgusting state of the world. sadly it’s ringing truer day by day. in times like this art is vital. silence is not the way we support the causes that we stand for. this is the time for change. make a positive impact.”

Check it all out below:

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