Wargirl search for world peace with their new single, ‘2069’

They've a new album coming next month.

Wargirl have released their new single, ‘2069’.

It’s a teaser from the Southern Californian six-piece’s upcoming album ‘Dancing Gold’, due on 12th June.

Matt Wignall says: “Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world without war? A world where love, kindness, art, equality and freedom are respected above all else? Well the 60s are coming again and it’s another shot at a worldwide awakening!

“2069 is a fun musing on the idea that maybe we could have another shot at calling for world peace and, this time around, the change would be lasting. Let’s spend the rest of history finding common ground, burning sage and listening to Aretha! Can we get an AMEN?”

Give it a watch below.

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