Warpaint are itching to make another album already

New full-length ‘Heads Up’ isn't due until later this month.
Warpaint’s proper good new album ‘Heads Up’ is arriving later this month, on 23rd September – it’s only been finished for a few months, but the band are already wanting to get back to work.

“At this point I’m ready to make another album,” reveals vocalist and guitarist Emily Kokal in the new issue of Dork. “I’ve been in this band since 2004 so to be able to still have so much room to try new things, for the band to have new places to go and to not be retreading the same ground, is what makes it exciting.”

“There was something to this process that was really unknown,” she says of making ’Heads Up’, “it was more spontaneous and we didn’t really fall into old patterns or old roles. It almost made it feel like a different band. It was a different approach and it ended up being a lot faster for us.

“It was a lot of fun to make and I know a lot of albums that I love, they weren’t fun to make for the artists necessarily, so I don’t think that’s a pre-requisite. There was this spirit of making the album that really come through in the final product.”

Find out more about the creation of Warpaint’s new album in the September issue of Dork, out tomorrow (Friday 9th September) – order your copy here. It also features The Big Moon, Deap Vally, AlunaGeorge, Rat Boy, Banks, How To Dress Well, The Wytches and loads more.

Interview: Ali Shutler.

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