Warpaint take to the tellybox with a storming version of ‘New Song’

The ‘Paint turned the Tonight Show into a multi-platform disco fest
Bringing more Christmas cheer than any John Lewis ad ever could, Warpaint took to US telly at the end of last week for a blistering version of ‘New Song’.

Atop coloured platforms, sporting some top quality jumpers (anytime The Slits can feature on a wooly fabric is always a winner) and brimming with a bassline that’ll leave your hips a-movin all over the place, it’s another storming performance of the lead banger from their latest LP ‘Heads Up’ which burst its way into our ears earlier in the year.

Like, we called the record “a burst of rainbow-soaked exploration” – it’s that good. You can learn all about it by catching up on the chat we had with the band earlier in the year, right here.

Warpaint will be back on these shores next year for a string of headline dates in March, calling into Birmingham, Leeds, Dublin, Oxford and Brighton.

See The Tonight Show get covered in Warpaint below, along with those upcoming UK + Irish tour dates