Watch fans get tattooed in new Kills video

15 fans get tattooed with symbols from the 'Ash & Ice’ artwork.
Earlier this year, The Kills put out a call for fans who wouldn’t mind getting tattooed with imagery from their new album, ‘Ash & Ice’.

“Jamie and I are making a short film,” said Alison Mosshart at the time. “We are asking for fan participation. Our record artwork for ‘Ash & Ice’ is made up of symbols. There are 13 songs and 13 symbols, one correlating to each song. Also included, are the volcano and the martini glass from the front cover that you see here today.

“So we need 15 folks, each willing to get one of the small symbols tattooed somewhere (anywhere) on your body. We will be there. We will film it. We will photograph it. We will pay for it. The tattoos will be done as a solid black outline 1 inch in diameter.”

Now they’ve unveiled the resulting film – check it out below.

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