Watch footage from Majical Cloudz’ final show

The duo's final appearance took place in Montreal late last week.
Majical Cloudz played their final show late last week (Thursday 10th March), with footage from the show starting to appear online.

“Over the last few months Matt and I decided that Are You Alone? would be the last Majical Cloudz record, and that after doing some touring we would be moving on to other projects and adventures,” wrote Devon Welsh in a statement confirming the split. “Matt and I played our first show together in March 2012. At that time the project was just a few songs and some inspirations. As of March 2016 we have released 2 LPs, 2 EPs and toured all over the place. Doing all these things made real what had been a dream for both us, and so the band was an opportunity for us to grow into the kinds of people and the kinds of artists we wanted to become. We both feel it to be the completion of something very positive.”

Both members of Majical Cloudz are pursuing new musical projects. Welsh will continue under his own name as a solo artist, with his first material coming later this year. Matt Otto will release music as the Dahlia, and is currently producing and composing a film soundtrack.

You can check out footage from the final Montreal show below.

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