Watch Stormzy’s full set as he storms it at Glastonbury 2017

"This is grime. This is 140bpm.”
If you’re looking for actual proof of how far Stormzy’s reach has grown, Glastonbury 2017 could be the perfect example. Taking a one-from-the-top slot on the festivals second stage, there’s absolutely no doubt about it – he’s ready to move up a level. Or rather, the people deciding who goes where should be, because he’s already there.

“For those that don’t know, I go by the name of Stormzy,” he declares. “This is grime. This is 140bpm.”

To suggest this isn’t his usual audience would be folly. There isn’t such a thing as ‘usual’ anymore. This is a musician delivering on the scale he belongs. Grime isn’t some niche concern, and Stormzy isn’t an outsider. With a Number 1 album under his belt, he’s got Worthy Farm right where he wants them.

You can watch Stormzy’s full set here, thanks to the BBC.

Stormzy played:

First Things First


WickedSkengMan 4

Cigarettes & Cush

Bad Boys

Return of the Rucksack


Bridge Over Troubled Water

Blinded by Your Grace, Pt. 1

One Take


100 Bags

Shape of You

Big for Your Boots

Know Me From

Shut Up

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