Waterparks get scary in their new video for ‘Easy To Hate’

Find out all about the band's latest album in the new issue of Dork, out now.

Waterparks have released a new video for their track, ‘Easy To Hate’.

It’s a snarky cut from the trio’s latest album ‘FANDOM’, and marks their third video to be directed by frontman, Awsten Knight.

Of the new record, he says: “We talked about music culture and fandom culture, how those things affect me, where I am mentally, and even a little bit about those relationships. A lot of the stuff that is more ‘heartbreak’ centered is coming from a more confident place than a self-pitying view. That’s why this is my favorite stuff we’ve done.”

Check out ‘Easy To Hate’ below, and pick up the new issue of Dork after the jump – where Awsten tells us all about the making of the album.

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