We Are Scientists have shared their “funkiest tune yet”, ‘Settled Accounts’

It's the fourth and final single ahead of their upcoming eighth full-length record, 'Lobes'.

We Are Scientists have shared their fourth and final single ahead of their upcoming eighth full-length record, ‘Lobes’.

Titled ‘Settled Accounts’, frontman Keith Murray explains: “When I was a younger, more brazen guy, I was incredibly steadfast in my beliefs. Everything I liked was not just ‘enjoyable,’ but “categorically good,” the people I hung out with were not just ‘fun people,’ but the ‘best gang,’ the ideas I subscribed to were not just ‘interesting,’ but ‘fundamentally correct.’ These days, I’m just way less sure about everything. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still a bullheaded fool who will stridently argue that some particular genre of music (Country Pop) is inherently dumb, or that BASEketball is probably the most important cinematic contribution of the 1990s, but I pretty much never believe that I’m actually, objectively right about anything.

The more I live, the more I experience, and the more people deliver rhetorical smack-downs on the daily, the more I just realize I don’t know anything. Anything! All of what I thought was rigorous intellectualization has kind of gotten me nowhere. I might as well just surrender and go with it. Anyway, it’s nice that things have come full-circle. Strident old Keith would have argued that funk was the one true musical genre. And here we are, with We Are Scientists’ funkiest tune yet!”

The track follows the release of their recent singles ‘Operator Error’, ‘Less From You’, and ‘Lucky Just To Be Here’. ‘Lobes’ is set for release on 20th January.

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