Weaves have a video for ‘Shithole’

Taken from the Canadians self-titled debut album released earlier in the year
Scratchy pop makers Weaves have unveiled a new video for album track ‘Shithole’.

The clip finds singer Jasmyn Burke trying on all manner of looks, whether that be wigs, tights or projections – there’s quite a few to choose from during the dark pop number.

Speaking about the video and track, Jasmyn said:

“Visually it depicts the build up and break down of myself through the different looks. I wrote the song when I was living in a shitty place and was feeling kind of down, but the mysterious thing is I have no recollection of writing it. I found it on my computer one day and had thought I must have sent it to Morgan but I hadn’t. So we essentially did the demo the day after I re-discovered the track and were playing it live soon after.”

Check out ‘Shithole’ below,