WEIRDO drops new single, ‘Mother Of Pearl’

"WEIRDOs are the ones who will change this broken world. You’ll see!”
WEIRDO has unveiled his latest single ‘Mother Of Pearl’ – check it out below, first on Dork.

Following on from ‘Disco’, ‘Armanio’, ‘Attitude’ and ‘Sapphire’, he has amassed cache of immensely relatable, hook-filled indie numbers since emerging in 2014, penning tunes that resonate with anyone who’s ever felt like a weirdo.

Josh Christopher – formerly of IYES – says of his latest track:

“When I wrote ‘Mother of Pearl’, the idea of the chorus was about a break up I went through a while back. I was always scared of breaking up with her but when it happened, and after the break-up period, I was cool again.

“Then the world fucking broke, didn’t it?

“So now I took that idea which isn’t quite as fresh of an emotion anymore, and wrote the rest of the song to how I’m feeling about the world right now.

“Normal people rule the world with normal and narrow-minded shallowness; pitch bent thoughts and fucked up ideologies (See ‘Fucked Up’, released in a few months time).

“The middle 8 is my favorite part of the song. It really comes across live which is really what helps give the energy to this track.

“WEIRDOs do not get given the opportunity to be the cool kid at college, or to be the guy/girl that gets the first Sausage Roll at a Birthday Party banquet, or to be nodded at influentially whilst discussing sex, love and philosophical romances.

“They’re just the outcasts, the second best, the eccentric friend who once actually pissed himself whilst laughing at a joke in a bar.

“No more: WEIRDOs are the ones who will change this broken world. You’ll see!”

Catch WEIRDO on tour with live band members Pierre Leck and Rene Corbett in the UK and Europe later this year.

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