What do you mean ‘Lorde has probably been running a secret onion ring reviews Instagram account’?

No! Really! Come back!
Conspiracy theories are great, right? Well, we’ve got a doozy for you. No, no jet fuel involved. No steel beams in sight. Instead – onion rings! Onion rings and Lorde!

Newshub points out some likely hints that – until recently – Lorde was running an Onion Ring Reviews Instagram Account. Titled ‘onionringsworldwide’, it shared, well, you can guess.

It’s now been deleted, but here’s the ‘proof’.

For starters, it was followed by Lorde’s official account. And there weren’t many followers. Some of those others included friends of the singer, including Jimmy Mac, Justin Warren and Maddy Budd.

The descriptions are described as being ‘pretty Lorde-esque’, while one occured on a flight from Tennessee to New York, just hours after she performed at Bonnaroo Festival in Tennessee. The word ‘flavour’ is also spelt in the way sensible British, Aussie and New Zealand types would – not the daft American way.

And – and – a thumb in shot looks a bit like Lorde’s thumb. Apparently. Come back!


Quite frankly, if there’s not a booklet of onion ring recommendations as part of a deluxe reissue of her new album ‘Melodrama’ – set to drop this Friday (16th June) – we’re going to be quite cross.

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