White Lies have unveiled a deluxe edition of their debut album, ‘To Lose My Life’

It'll be released in October.

White Lies have unveiled a deluxe edition of their debut album, ‘To Lose My Life’.

The 25th October release is to celebrate the record’s tenth anniversary, and it will feature alternative artwork, unseen images, new notes supplied by Harry, Jack and Charles, as well as a selection of B-sides, an alternative version of ‘Unfinished Business’, remixes, live tracks and unreleased demos.

Charles Cave says: “We’ve never stopped celebrating our debut album, ‘To Lose My Life,’ since it came out. Its songs travel with us all over the world, and seem to get better as the years stack up. A decade on feels like a milestone to indulge in; to dig out lost versions, live recordings from those early days, youthful photos, notebook ramblings, set-lists and all. The vinyl format of this album has long been out of print, and much hungered for amongst our fans, so it brings us much pleasure to reissue it in this deluxe repressing so everyone can own a copy and look back at a decade of the music with us. The preparations we’re making for the tour surrounding this release are just as exciting. This will be the most dramatic, and cinematic show White Lies have ever put together, as we play ‘To Lose My Life’ from start to finish, and then a second set of rarities (shhhh!) and the best bits from the four albums that have followed. Don’t miss any of it! We won’t do it again!”

The band are also touring this December, with dates in Manchester and London.

The deluxe track listing reads:

1LP (Original Album)
Side One
To Lose My Life
A Place To Hide
Fifty On Our Foreheads
Unfinished Business
Side Two
From The Stars
Farewell To The Fairground
Nothing To Give
The Price Of Love

2LP (Limited Edition)
Side Three
Taxidermy (B-Side)
You Still Love Him (unreleased demo)
Black Song (B-Side)
Farewell to The Fairground (unreleased demo)
Unfinished Business (Chess Club Single version)
From The Stars (unreleased demo)
Side Four
To Lose My Life (Live, La Maroquinerie, Paris)
E.S.T (Live @ iTunes Festival, London)
A Place To Hide (Live @ iTunes Festival, London)
Death (Crystal Castles remix)
Nothing To Give (M83 remix)

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