Will Joseph Cook has shared a new single, ‘Fearless Is The Flame’

His third studio album 'Every Single Thing' was released last year.

Will Joseph Cook has released a new single, ‘Fearless Is The Flame’.

It follows on from his first release of 2023, ‘MF Bassline’, with more expected later this year. His third studio album ‘Every Single Thing’ was released in 2022.

Speaking about the track, he explained: “It’s about romantic tension, a passion that you can’t or shouldn’t act on. The flame being the feeling that’s hard to stop once it’s burning within you. It’s definitely a manifestation of my delayed obsession with Prince over the past few years, I feel like that energy is a topic well trodden in his songs. The way the chorus instrumental feels like it’s wrestling with this huge expressive guitar riff made me think of these conflicted emotions pulling you in different directions.”

This month, he heads out for a headline run of shows across Europe, before headlining five nights across the UK in July, culminating at London’s Village Underground. 

You can check out the visual for ‘Fearless Is The Flame’ here:

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