Will the Gallaghers team up at Glastonbury tomorrow? “No comment,” says Noel

A local media outlet reported they'd been on stage together earlier tonight (23rd June), but that looks to be fake news.
A local media outlet reported Noel and Liam Gallagher were on stage together earlier this evening, though that now appears to be a case of mistaken identity.

According to Somerset Live, both Gallagher brothers appeared at Glastonbury’s Williams Green earlier this evening (23rd June) to introduce the Oasis film ‘Supersonic’.

We’re currently looking for a second source to back this up, so until then, don’t take it as 100% fact. Let’s face it, you’d expect a Twitter explosion if both brothers showed up together, right?

You can see a grab fro the Somerset Live blog below.

There’s one thing we can be sure about, however. When asked if he was going to appear with Liam for his solo set later in the weekend, Noel had a simple “no comment”. Ooo-errr.


While introducing the film, Noel explained that the recent reaction after the Manchester bombings – where a spontaneous rendition of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ took hold after a minute’s silence – left him “fucking speechless”, but he still doesn’t know what the song is about.

“Who the fucking hell is Sally?”

Exactly mate. Exactly.

All eyes on the Other Stage tomorrow afternoon, then.

UPDATE: Given the lack of reaction elsewhere, we’re calling it – Liam wasn’t there, and someone in the local media has got a bit over excited. But still… “no comment”? The dream isn’t dead yet!

UPDATE 2: Somerset Live has filed a second report, where only Noel is mentioned. We’re calling this one. Liam wasn’t there.

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