Wings of Desire have released a new double-single, ‘Angels’ / ‘Better Late Than Never’

The duo are about to release their debut anthology.
Photo Credit: Holly Whitaker

Wings of Desire have released a new double-single, ‘Angels’ / ‘Better Late Than Never’.

The tracks are taken from the duo’s new anthology, ‘Life Is Infinite’. A compilation of their early material, it’s set for release on 8th December and will see them perform at Third Man Records in London on 7th December.

Of ‘Angels’, they explain: “Can you feel the cosmic wave crashing down timelines that no longer serve us? The ethereal and real finally merge into our collective dreamscape and help us paint a better world and re-shape our celestial future. We’re falling down like angels.”

And of ‘Better Late Than Never’, they add: “In the west, we are ingrained to think getting older is a bad thing. In the east ageing is championed and seen as an opportunity to gain great insight and wisdom. The song is about letting go and allowing time to take you on a grand journey of self discovery, and finding empowerment in all the life experience you have gained. We need to find the transcendent in a world rooted in constant change and destruction. Otherwise we risk being washed ashore.”

Check out the singles below.

The anthology’s tracklisting reads:

  1. Runnin’
    1. Be Here Now
      1. Choose A Life
        1. A Gun In Every Home
          1. Better Late Than Never
            1. Perfect World
              1. Chance Of A Lifetime
                1. I Will Try My Best
                  1. A Million Other Suns
                    1. 001 [Tame The War, Feed The Fire]
                      1. Made Of Love
                        1. Angels
                          1. [The Knife]
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