Wolf Alice are confident they can now headline big festivals

"I think those fears went out the window," says Ellie Rowsell
Wolf Alice like to make sure they’re 100% ready before doing anything.

It’s why they released two EPs before making the leap to ‘My Love Is Cool‘ and why they decided to play a residency at London’s Forum instead of doing a one-off arena homecoming show.

Now, we’ve all known Wolf Alice are heading to the top for a long time but it seems the band are starting to believe it themselves.

Speaking to Matt Wilkinson for Beats1 about headlining big festivals Ellie admitted, “We’d love to. If you’d asked me that a few months back, I’d have said ‘no, we aren’t ready’ but after playing our last UK tour… We were always worried we didn’t know anything about production and stuff like that so we couldn’t possibly headline anywhere but those fears went out the window when we did that tour. We feel quite confident, not too much though.”

If there’s one festival Wolf Alice want to headline, it’s Glastonbury. Obviously.

Ellie also spoke about working on new music amidst their hectic tour schedule. “It’s cool to know you have no idea what’s next.

“We didn’t really have any time to record new music last time around but we managed to make it work somehow. I like it, you work with what you have and it adds an element of uniqueness to that record. A snapshot of time, that can be mirrored in how you wrote and how you recorded.”

“I’d like to have some time off ‘cos there’s other things I’d like to do, I also don’t really plan to do anything. Excuse the cheesiness but you wait for inspiration to happen, for life to happen” (LIKE THEY SING IN THE SONG).

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