Wolf Alice update on album two: “We don’t really want to go away”

The band look to be getting a move on.
Wolf Alice are hard at work in the studio on album two, and have given a quick update on their progress.

Talking to NME, drummer Joel Amey revealed “We kind of try and sit in our little corner and just stay the weirdos. That’s what I always think; stay a little bit outside of those tags and boxes of what people expect, otherwise it’s very easy to predict what the band are going to do next and it’s not always the most engaging thing for a music listener. So hopefully we’ve got a few more surprises up our sleeves before people can force tags upon us.”

“We are very much in the middle of writing some new music, so that’s our main prerogative at the moment – just writing, writing, writing writing and then seeing what comes out the other end.

“We’re still buzzing to be in the room together and it’s been quite an intense couple of years in terms of the touring, but it’s been such a thrill that we have things that we want to play and want to write. We don’t really want to go away and fade away for a little while because it’s become too much fun, and it’s too much fun playing music with the other three for me – so we’re going to try and get back on it hopefully as soon as possible.”

So there we have it. Wolf Alice intend to be back “as soon as possible” – a good job given they’ve already said they’re not touring until the record is done.

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