Working Men’s Club have revealed a 21-minute ‘MEGAMIX’ on their original album release date

Party anyone?

Originally due to release their debut album today (June 5th), Working Men’s Club have dropped an appetising 21-minute ‘MEGAMIX’ as a sign of what’s to come…

Acting as a teaser as well as its own condensed electronic reworking of their debut album, it’s a scintillating electro world that we’ve well and truly nestled ourselves into – with frontman Syd Minksy-Sargeant teaming up with producer Ross Orton from their separate homes to pull it together

Speaking about the ‘MEGAMIX’ and reworking, Working Men’s Club’s Syd Minsky-Sargeant explains:

“Our album would have been released today but we had to push the release back due to Covid. It doesn’t feel like a particularly apt time to be self promoting anything at all however we wanted to give something to the people who pre-ordered the album on what would of the original release date. Initially it seemed a bit of a crazy idea to go and remix an album we’ve just made that isn’t even out yet. But once we got into it we were like, ‘let’s fucking go for it’”

It takes a number of parts of the album but different versions [and edits] of the songs” continues Syd. “I’ve played new parts on more or less everything. Some tracks I’ve taken out the guitar parts and re-done them with synths or replaced bass lines with synths.”

“It’s free flowing and electronic, rather than sounding like a band. It gives an insight into what the record is like, as well as the future of the band, but it’s also something totally exclusive. It’s very much its own thing.”

The ‘MEGAMIX’ is available to stream for one week only, available here. Working Men’s Club’s debut album is now due for release in October

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