Wunderhorse share new single ‘Silver’, ahead of second album ‘Midas’

The track almost didn't make the album but found its final form during recording sessions in Minnesota.

Wunderhorse have unveiled ‘Silver’, the third single from their upcoming second album ‘Midas’, set for release on 30th August via Communion.

The track, which almost didn’t make it onto the album, found its final form during the band’s recording sessions at Pachyderm Studio in Minnesota. Frontman Jacob Slater explains the meaning behind ‘Silver’: “The song is about that ugly side of yourself that you try to keep a secret, but you know it’s there because it makes your skin crawl sometimes. It gets you places but fucks you up in the process. Everyone has elements of their makeup that they’d rather not admit to or keep locked away and never look at. That’s what ‘Silver’ is about. Kind of.”

‘Midas’ was recorded at Pachyderm Studio, known for iconic albums such as Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ and PJ Harvey’s ‘Rid Of Me’, and was produced by Craig Silvey, who has previously worked with The Rolling Stones, The National, and Florence + the Machine. Slater describes the album’s raw, unpolished sound: “When we first went into the studio to make this record, the only thing we were sure about is how we wanted it to sound; very imperfect, very live, very raw; no frills. We wanted it to sound like your face is pressed up against the amplifiers, like you’ve been locked inside the bass drum.”

You can read more about Wunderhorse and ‘Midas’ is the July issue of Dork, out now.

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