Yaeger has debuted her defiant new song, ‘Catch Me If You Can’: “I’ve always been judged for dreaming”

Give it a listen now.

Yaeger has debuted her new song, ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

Out now via Chess Club Records, the defiant new tune follows on from the Swedish singer’s socially-distanced duet with Oscar Scheller, ‘Nosebleed’.

“[It’s] for all the people who’ve told me I think too highly of myself,” she explains. “Who want me to smile less and spread LESS good energy. Ya’ll are boring!

“I’ve always been judged for dreaming. Just because someone’s dream might sound ‘bigger’ than others, it doesn’t mean you’re not equal.

“People’s dreams can all look so different??! Wanna have a bakery someday? Great! Wanna be an astronaut someday? Great! Wanna start a kennel someday? Great! Wanna be a Popstar!? GREAT!!!

“Keep on dreaming, surround yourself with positive people, and don’t let the bad energy catch you.”

Give it a listen below.

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