Yawners is tackling the writer’s block with new single ‘Rivers Cuomo’

The song is taken from a new album, 'Duplo', which is set to arrive on 6th May.

Freshly signed to Big Scary Monsters, Spanish singer-songwriter Yawners – aka Elena Nieto – has shared a Really Very Good new single, ‘Rivers Cuomo’.

“I usually write very literal songs, I don’t usually use metaphors or anything like that, and this is the perfect example” says Elena, talking about the track. “The song is about writer’s block; it’s about trying to write a song and not coming up with anything good.”

“I really like Weezer and Rivers Cuomo has always made me curious. When I was in the process of composing the album, I read an interview in a Chilean newspaper in which he revealed a trick he has developed to write songs. He has an Excel file in which he writes phrases, chord progressions, and more, and creates songs with a formula that puts together the bits and pieces that match. I thought this was really cool and I wrote the chorus of my song about this. On a melodic level I am very proud of the guitar solo in this song. Guitar solos are something that seem not to be trendy anymore, but the reality is that when a well-done solo appears in a song it’s very hard not to enjoy it.”

The song is taken from a new album, ‘Duplo’, which is set to arrive on 6th May.

You can check out ‘Rivers Cuomo’ below.

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