Yolcu have launched their debut track, ‘A Hunter and the Prey’

The track calls out the pitfalls of money, profit and industrialisation.

Yolcu have launched their debut track, ‘A Hunter and the Prey’.

Inspired by both the Istanbul and British alternative scenes, and Turkish folk music, it’s a foreboding early cut from the indie-electronica duo’s upcoming EP ‘In Stream’, set for release in November.

“‘A Hunter and the Prey’ is about becoming a part of a system,” Dag Taş and Joe Conchie explain, “and how that process consumes and changes a person. It’s the way in which money, profit and industrialisation can slowly affect peoples’ personalities, like a psychological or physical sickness. It’s the enveloping relationship between employees and their employers; a hunter and its prey. In time, this system becomes their world.”

Give it a listen below.

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