You don’t need us to tell you Christine and the Queens’ new vid for ‘Girlfriend’ is amaze-o, but we will anyway

It's amaze-o.
We’re prone to more than our fare share of hyperbole, Dear Reader. You’ll have noticed, we’re sure. But, when it comes to Chris-strikeout-ine and the Queens-end-strikeout, there’s no such thing as too much praise.

Returning last week with brand new banger ‘Girlfriend’, Chris’ confident new era has us more excited than a folder full of the 1975 Photoshops. Now, we’ve got a video too – and clearly it’s bloody amazing.

Directed by Jordan Bahat, the concept is from Chris’ own mind, and is inspired by “Charles Ebbets’ photos from the 1930s of builders relaxing on girders 60 stories up in the air”, according to a press release.

There are also choreography references from West Side Story and Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’, if you’re a fan of the dance-y stuff.

“The message is both simple and radical,” a statement from Christine and the Queens reads. “Simple because the video relies on energy and an effective use of choreography: more physical, sensual, and assertive. Radical in terms of its aesthetic: here, the gang concept blurs the lines between ballerina and thug, as was often the case in American musicals such as West Side Story.”

You can check out the video for ‘Girlfriend’ below.

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