‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’, but you can strut towards Peace’s latest banger

The latest cut from 'Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll' is a swaggering beast.
We write a lot about bangers, Dear Reader. We know this. But bangers are the gold standard in this game, and Peace – they’re as rich as kings with their latest offering.

‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ is the third track to arrive from the band’s new album ‘Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll’, and it’s definitely one for the sizzle reel. All strutting confidence and swaggering attitude, it’s proof if needed that – for all the amazing new talent seeping out of the UK indie underground right now – Peace remain a vital force to glue it all together.

Yeah, it’s way past midnight and we’re getting into music scene theory. Bite us.

‘Kindness Is The New Rock And Roll’ is set to arrive next month on May 4th. The force is strong with that one. Check out ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ below.

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