YOWL have announced their long-awaited debut album with new single, ‘Idiot Daughters, Idiot Sons’

"It's self-flagellation via upbeat falsettos," they say of the track.
Photo credit: Simon Milner

YOWL have announced their long-awaited debut album.

The news arrives alongside the release of their new single ‘Idiot Daughters, Idiot Sons’, with ‘Milksick’ set for release on 14th September via Clue Records/EMI North.

Vocalist Gabriel Byrde says: “This one’s about those introspective times you spend lying awake at night sometimes, head buzzing with wasted time, missed opportunities and the chastising carousel of humiliating moments that nobody except you probably noticed or remembered. It’s self-flagellation via upbeat falsettos, a cheery groove dedicated to times when personal resentment turns into a maddening cycle of internal finger-wagging.”

Check out the single below; the album’s full tracklisting reads:

  1. Virile Crocodile Sweat
  2. The Machine
  3. Donkey’s Jawbone
  4. Positive Exit
  5. Canis
  6. The Farmer’s Big Spade
  7. Weedkiller
  8. Weatherman
  9. A. Wegener
  10. Idiot Daughters, Idiot Sons
  11. Billy’s Birds
  12. A Birthday With David

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