Yr Poetry premiere new video for ‘Headlights! Headlights!’

It's a track taken from new concept mini-album, 'One Night Alive'.
Yr Poetry (Alexei and Junior from Johnny Foreigner’s ‘other’ band) have dropped their new video for ‘Headlights! Headlights!’ – check it out below, first on Dork.

“‘Headlights! Headlights!’ was lovingly assembled by our friend Jacob Tomlinson, who also made the 200x and Flooding videos for Johnny Foreigner,” explains Alexei. “It uses a bunch of footage filmed by Jun and (JF guitarist/artist) Lewes when both our bands played in Tokyo late last year, and we dumped it on him with no guidelines other than, put the words in. So we can’t take credit for the pops n scribbles, or the awesome day/night/show cycle, or any of the other neat touches we keep spotting. Thanks Jacob! And s/o to Eupholks, Falls and Summerman, who are most of the people dancing (probably to Cap’n Jazz) in that one little afterparty clip. TAKE US BACK TO JAPAN PLZ.”

It’s a track taken from recent release ‘One Night Alive’ – the first of three mini-albums due over the course of the year – which features five songs all set about an hour apart telling the story of one night. Pick up your copy here.

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