It looks like Yungblud is back with something new this week

'What a shame shame shame'.
Photo credit: Sarah Louise Bennett

Yungblud looks like he’s teasing something new.

The former Dork cover star has wiped his social media profile images, posting an RSVP inviting friends to a “funeral”.

A handwritten message reads: “To whom this may concern. For those I let down I’m sorry. For those who let me down, fuck you, but I forgive you.

“How do you inhabit a world where you profess that you don’t care how you are perceived, yet you care so much that it eats you up from the inside out?

“I told the truth, I tried my best, I tried to take on the world and it buried me alive

“You are cordially and graciously invited to my funeral. RSVP. Yours 4 Eva, Yungblud.”

He followed this up with an image containing the text “What a shame shame shame.. !” and a short clip of him quite aggressively digging what could be a grave.

There are more images on Instagram, repeating the ‘what a shame’ line. One of the images includes the date 03/11/22. Despite the fact Yungblud isn’t in fact American that means there’ll be new music on Friday, 11th March.

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