Yungblud’s new single ‘The Funeral’ is coming this Friday

Check out a snippet of the track now.

Yungblud‘s new single ‘The Funeral’ is set to be released this coming Friday, 11th March.

Late last week, the former Dork cover star has wiped his social media profile images, posting an RSVP inviting friends to a “funeral”.

A handwritten message read: “To whom this may concern. For those I let down I’m sorry. For those who let me down, fuck you, but I forgive you.

“How do you inhabit a world where you profess that you don’t care how you are perceived, yet you care so much that it eats you up from the inside out?

“I told the truth, I tried my best, I tried to take on the world and it buried me alive

“You are cordially and graciously invited to my funeral. RSVP. Yours 4 Eva, Yungblud.”

Now, he’s confirmed that the new song – ‘The Funeral’ – will be with us this week. You can check out artwork, and a snippet of the song, below.

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