Zola Jesus has announced a new album, ‘Arkhon’

The news comes alongside the opening track from the record, 'Lost'.

Zola Jesus – aka Nika Roza Danilova – has announced a new album.

Titled ‘Arkhon’, it’s set to arrive on 20th May via Sacred Bones. The news comes alongside the opening track from the record, ‘Lost’, and an accompanying video shot on location in the Cappadocia area of Turkey, directed by Mu Tunç.

Speaking about the track, Danilova says: “It’s true. Everyone I know is lost. Lost hope, lost future, lost present, lost planet. There is a collective disillusionment of our burning potential. As we stray further from nature, we drift from ourselves. ‘Lost’ is a sigil to re-discover our coordinates and claim a new path.” Of the video she states, “I wanted to shoot the video in a place that carried a lot of energy, with someone that I felt understood the spiritual backbone of the song. It was a surprisingly natural process to make this video with Mu Tunc in Turkey. I put my faith in him and in Cappadocia, a labyrinthine city built within 60 million-year-old caves. Throughout human history these caves have served as a citadel for so many different groups of people who went there to get lost. It is a testament to the resilience of humanity, and the durability of our earth.”

Director Mu Tunc adds: “The story of ‘Lost’ is a visual litany of devotion. Reflects the exodus of the true self through the mystical environments of Cappadocia. Zola Jesus is for me like an outcast philosopher of today’s confused society.’’

You can check out ‘Lost’ below.

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