Poster: Cameron JL West
Dork’s Christmas Night Out, with The Amazons, Courting and She’s In Parties

The 100 Club, London
19th December 2022
BUY TICKETS: Dice / WeGotTickets

Who doesn’t love a Xmas party, Dear Reader? No, not the one you’re awkwardly forced to attend at work as someone proudly shows you their light up, musical tie. A proper one. The kind you’d actually choose to be at. We’re throwing one this December, and we’d like you to come.

To make that more appealing, we’ve booked a Dork’s Christmas Night Out line-up for the ages – the sort you’d need to write Santa a letter to receive, especially all crammed into London’s legendary 100 Club. Topped by legitimate icons The Amazons, we’ve also got one of our favourite bands of 2022, the inimitable Courting, and one of our tips to keep an eye on for 2023, the impossibly exciting She’s In Parties.

“We can’t wait,” says The Amazons’ Matt Thomson, when accosted him to comment for this very story like an especially intoxicated festive elf. “We’ve been a couple of times to The 100 Club to see some stuff, and with all its history too, we’ve always thought we would love to play here. It’s got a very unique atmosphere, and yeah, we’re really excited to play and to play around Christmas too. I don’t think we’ve ever done an official Christmas party before, so it’s time! It’s fucking time!”

That it is, Matt. Taking place on 19th December, you can grab your tickets now from Dice or WeGotTickets. And please, no Lynx Amazon gift sets.