A day in the life of… Lizzie Esau

Lizzie Esau lets us in on what she’s up to.

You know what’s easier than following around your fave pop stars, day in, day out, to see what they’re up to right that minute? Asking them. This month, LIZZIE ESAU lets us in on what she’s up to as she plays the Dork stage at this year’s 110 Above presents OTHR festival.

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9:00AM → Wake up nice and early (I appreciate this isn’t that early, but it is for me, the queen of lying in). We get into the car and head straight to the festival, which is a good couple of hours from Newcastle!

11:00AM → Briefly stopping at services is always a highlight of these trips for me, treating myself to a sushi meal deal (posh, I know). We take a few different vehicles to this festival, so meeting up with other band members along the journey is always fun too!

1:00PM → By this time, the meal deal is fully devoured, and after resisting the urge to stop for a quick Greggs, we arrive at the festival! We had the honour of playing this festival last year, too, and it was possibly one of the hottest days I’ve ever experienced. This year isn’t too far off, although a few degrees cooler, which is very much appreciated, haha! The atmosphere, though, is incredible as always, the staff lovely and welcoming, and the audience raring to g…