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Lambrini Girls: "Drank three bottles of wine, ripped my trousers, came out to my mum on stage"

Truth be told, there’s little that makes a new band more exciting than a bit of chaos - and on that metric, there are few that get the heart racing quite like Lambrini Girls. 

Shalom: "Call me the king of the chorus because this song slaps"

Shalom is dealing with life in a way that also just happens to make a rather brilliant album.

M(h)aol: "When I get angry, the music rages alongside me"

Fierce Irish punks M(h)aol are here to shake up the scene with their powerful and thought-provoking debut ‘Attachment Styles’. 

About To Break 2023: Panic Shack

Fun and forthright, Panic Shack aren't taking any prisoners.

About To Break 2023: Dead Pony

Scottish newcomers Dead Pony are saddling up for a big year.

About To Break 2023: Alissic

With a sound that balances between pop and glitching electronica, a fashion-focused aesthetic, and a mystery behind her that makes everything feel out of this world, Alissic's only going to keep rising.

About To Break 2023: Crawlers

Over the past year or so, Crawlers have already made a sizeable splash in rock’s deep end. Now, with a debut album to work towards, it’s less a question of if, and more a matter of when they take over the whole joint.

About to Break: SNAYX

Introduce yourself to Brighton-based duo, Charlie Herridge and Ollie Horner.

About to Break: Honey Revenge

Meet Californian pop-rockers Honey Revenge.

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