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BIG SPECIAL: "We never set out to be the next Robbie Williams"

From the Black Country to the world stage, BIG SPECIAL’s debut album ‘POSTINDUSTRIAL HOMETOWN BLUES’ is a raw and honest reflection of the band’s journey and the universality of working-class struggles.

Djo: "Everybody's just trying to do their best, and I find so much hope in that"

As breakout smash ‘End Of Beginning’ achieves the sort of belated success that has us wondering if any other songs are currently available on TikTok, Djo is becoming far from a mere side project for Joe Keery.

KAWALA let the sunshine in with their new single, 'Time Slipping Away'

From breezy guitar licks to life-affirming hooks, KAWALA's effortless summer aesthetic is back and bigger than ever.
Nasseri - A. G

A. G. Cook: "I see the lineage of Geri Halliwell wearing the Union Jack dress, Tony Blair and the Teletubbies"

A. G. Cook's latest project, ‘Britpop’, blurs genre boundaries, exploring the essence and future of pop through a blend of nostalgia, innovation, and a deep dive into British cultural identity.

"Prince himself would've killed to record it": Opus Kink welcome a bold new era with their latest single, 'I Wanna Live With You'

Brighton's most unpredictable band returns with 'I Wanna Live With You', a genre-bending love song that delves into the neurotic and desperate aspects of relationships.

Indoor Pets redefine the win and embrace the fuzz on their second album, 'Pathetic Apathetic'

'Pathetic Apathetic' sees Indoor Pets return embracing a heavier sound, grappling with the realities of life as a small artist while finding joy and purpose in the music they create together.

DORK x DOT TO DOT: Listening to Aziya can give you superpowers

With a musical palette that spans decades and defies categorisation, London-based artist Aziya is poised to make a lasting impact, starting with her highly anticipated performance at Dot To Dot Festival 2024.

Live at Leeds In The City has announced its first names for 2024, including Everything Everything, Alfie Templeman, English Teacher, STONE and more

There's also Master Peace, Soft Launch, L'objectif and more.

Gracie Abrams has announced her new album, 'The Secret of Us'

The first single from the record, 'Risk', is coming on 1st May.

St. Vincent: "Every one of us is in this shit together"

St. Vincent’s new album ‘All Born Screaming’ is a unifying record that traverses life, death and love.
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Several more supports have joined LCD Soundsystem's day of All Points East
Omar Apollo has announced his second album, 'God Said No'
HONNE have shared a new single about writing songs in your sleep, 'Songs In My Head'
Hard-Fi are teasing a new EP with their first track release in ten years, 'Don't Go Making Plans'
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