Bow Anderson

Bow Anderson raises awareness for women's safety with her new track '12 Minute Walk'

"Being a woman walking home alone at night can be terrifying,” Bow comments. 

Bow Anderson comforts a friend with her new single, 'Watching Her Heartbreak'

"Tell your friends how much you love them."

Bow Anderson has released a new single, 'Dear Body'

She's also teasing more new music to come.

Bow Anderson tackles nighttime anxiety with her new single, 'Midnight'

"I hope this song helps people feel less alone," she says.

Bow Anderson has released a new single, '20s': "I hope this song helps people realise it’s okay to not have it all together"

"You don’t have to be perfect because people's unique qualities are what makes them special."

Bow Anderson has shared her emotional new heartbreak tune, 'Hate That I Fell In Love With You'

PLUS there's news of two new live shows.

Bow Anderson has shared a video for 'New Wave', the title-track from her debut EP

She's dropped new track 'Black Heart' too.
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