Danny L Harle

Danny L Harle shares 'Harlecore (Remixes)', featuring Flume, VTSS, Nia Archives and more

It features 9 new takes on tracks from last year's standout album.

Danny L Harle: This is Harlecore

A vital cog in the PC Music collective machine, Danny L Harle’s new album and immersive digital experience, ‘Harlecore’, is beyond ambitious.

Danny L Harle – Harlecore

Everyone is welcome in Danny L Harle’s electronic funhouse. ‘Harlecore’ is a truly thrilling creation.

Danny L Harle takes us deeper into 'Harlecore' with two new tracks

Meet two more of Club Harlecore's four residents via DJ Mayhem's 'Interlocked', and DJ Ocean's 'Ocean's Theme'.

Danny L Harle has announced a new album and 'immersive interactive club experience'

It'll all kick off next month.

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