Down With Boring

Down With Boring #0132: Sea Girls

With their new album ‘Midnight Butterflies’ imminent, Dork indie faves Sea Girls are back in to Down With Boring this week.

Sea Girls are our guests for the latest episode of Dork's flagship podcast-slash-radio-show, Down With Boring

They’ve just come off a UK tour that saw them live streaming to more people on the Dork Instagram than could fit in the venue they were playing.

Down With Boring #0131: Panic Shack + Plantoid

Dork’s flagship podcast-slash-radio-show Down With Boring is heading to the seaside for some sustainable fun for our latest episode.

Down With Boring is in Brighton with Panic Shack and Plantoid

We’re 'live' from Brighton’s Prince Albert for Son Estrella Galacia’s mini-fest of live music, beer culture, gastronomy, and a commitment to “positive environmental impact”. Oooo, etc.

Down With Boring #0130: Courting

Down With Boring is embracing chaos this week, as we’re joined by special guests, Courting.

Courting are the guests for this week's edition of Down With Boring

Chaos is guaranteed.

Down With Boring #0129: English Teacher

English Teacher are on the road to a debut album that’s more than worth the wait.

English Teacher are the guests for this week's edition of Down With Boring

This week, we're catching up with one of the best new bands in the country.

Down With Boring #0128: The Last Dinner Party, Paramore and more

On this week's DWB, we're going deep on the album of the moment, The Last Dinner Party's debut full-length 'Prelude to Ecstasy'. Plus, new music from Paramore, Pixey and more.

Down With Boring #0127: NewDad

Dork’s flagship podcast-slash-radio-show Down With Boring is catching up with one of our Hype List 2024 inductees this week.
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