Hype List 2021

Hype List 2021: Biig Piig: "We’ve got a whole lot ready to drop. It’s exciting"

London-based, Irish popster Biig Piig is currently hard at work on a debut album after an especially buzzy 2020.

Hype List 2021: Sinead O'Brien: "I have so much stuff ready; it's exploding out of me"

Sinead O'Brien is at the forefront of a new wave of Irish poets.

Hype List 2021: Walt Disco: "We sat down and decided, right, we are a pop group"

Glam Glasgow bunch Walt Disco have stepped up so far this year they've ended up on the roof.

Hype List 2021: Ashnikko: "Don't believe everything you see on Instagram"

There are few acts as all-in as singer-rapper-and-future-pop-phenomenon Ashnikko.

Hype List 2021: Bree Runway: "I feel like I can conquer anything now"

If you're looking for an Actual Future Superstar on this year's Hype List, you could do worse than fix your gaze on Bree Runway. Dropping a year of stellar bangers, she's even teamed up with a living legend (MISSY BLOODY ELLIOTT!) - and she's only just getting started. Next year, she's out to change the game.

Hype List 2021: Drug Store Romeos: "We're a bit of a nightmare, to be honest"

FFO The Orielles et al, Drug Store Romeos are the sound of a relaxed Sunday afternoon; a band to wrap yourself up and get lost in the loveliness of.

Hype List 2021: Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard: "Ideally, we want to be on the road 300 days of the year"

Fun, tongue-in-cheek and in-your-face. There's never a dull moment with Welsh bunch Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard.
Baby Queen_27102020_SLB_366

Hype List 2021: Baby Queen: "Kids are growing up fucking sick to death of bullshit"

On a mission to make pop music that's big, brash and without the bullshit, Baby Queen has arrived. Prepare the throne.

Hype List 2021: MICHELLE: "the aim is for every single track to find a home in somebody's heart"

New York collective MICHELLE are all about summer vibes - perfect for road trip adventures, or just sitting by a window. Y'know, whatever lockdown allows.

Hype List 2021: Griff: "I always knew I loved music, but don't know if I ever believed I could make a living off it"

An Ivor Novello nom, a spot on Disney's Christmas advert - Griff's going to be an unavoidable force very soon indeed.
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