re6ce 2022

Liverpool’s re6ce has just shared a new track, ‘sos’

re6ce has just shared a new cut, ‘sos’.  The 17 year-old has been non-stop releasing this year, and ‘sos’ joins singles like ‘come here’ and ‘teeth (you)’ in re6ce’s quickly growing discography. Having teased the track on TikTok for the last few weeks, ‘sos’ has been a much-anticipated addition.  im gonna have a song with bea by this time next year — reece (@reecewithasix) December 6, 2022 With a range of sporadic influences from hyperpop to punk, re6ce declared themselves on Twitter back in April the “future of internet music”, and ‘sos’ sees him solidify that title.  You can listen to ‘sos’ here.

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