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"I feel like I've had ten years of experiences in two" - Ellie Dixon is a future alt-pop legend from her own bedroom

With her new EP 'In Case of Emergency', and bop-tastic new single 'Bounce', both out today (Friday 21st July), Ellie Dixon is burning bright.

Claud is finding their voice

With new album 'Supermodels', Claud is taking flight.

Courting are back and swinging big with their new single, 'Flex'

Courting are back for a whole new "really weird", genre-hopping era. Prepare for pop nonsense.

Static Dress: "We want to be putting out art that makes people go 'wow'"

Static Dress don't believe in conforming to the narrow expectations of genre or image. As they rework tracks from their debut album "Rouge Carpet Disaster' into new, radically different statements, they're raising the bar for everyone.

Wallice isn't a big shot, but she's 100% a big deal

With her new EP 'Mr Big Shot' out now, Wallice might see herself as normal, but her music is anything but.

Cole Bleu wants to put on a pop show

One half of now-defunct duo The Let Go, Cole Bleu is branching out with a new project that's all her own.

Gengahr: "It feels like the very beginning again"

Back with their brilliant new album 'Red Sun Titans', Gengahr are pushing back to hit new heights.

It's raining rats and frogs - Cate's new sadbanger 'Girlfriend' is a 5 star bop

With her gigantic new single, 'Girlfriend', Cate's ready to join the Big Pop party.
Royal Blood

Royal Blood: "There are songs on this record that are wild"

Royal Blood are back. With their new track, 'Mountains At Midnight' - and a fourth album 'Back To The Water Below' to follow - they're out to create a legacy.

HotWax want your attention now with their new EP, 'A Thousand Times'

It would be fair to say Hastings trio HotWax are kicking up something of a buzz right now.
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